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Find out why you should hire us

Creative design idea will distinguish you from your competitors and attract more clients
We’ll emphasize your advantages and show them to your customers
As a gift you’ll get a Brand Card —
a strong foundation for effective advertisement
You’ll get predictable result
thanks to optimized processes
in our studio
We’ll speak the same easy
to understand language

    Our best projects

    • Websites and applications
    • Brand identity
    • Website for Krasnoyarsk Federal Cardiovascular Surgery Center
    • Website for SIBION
      (combustion catalysts dealer)
    • Website for architecture bureau SAI-Project
    • Website for gift service Dari Slova
    • Holiday destination booking webservice Fingerpost
    • Touchscreen kiosk interface for electronics retailer Digital Papa
    • Brand identity for electronics retailer Digital Papa
    • Brand identity for Remix jewellery house
    • Brand identity for Krasnoyarsk Business Support Agency
    • Brand identity for Trappens devices
    • Guidebook and branded media for e-commerce website
    • Logos designed in the studio
    How much does a design with idea cost?

    We evaluate every project according to the required time.

    Designer’s hourly rate is $45.

    The average project takes at least 80 hours.

    $45 per hour — is it cheap or expensive?

    For comparison: hairdresser’s rate ∼30$, photographer’s rate ∼100$.

    The work of art director and project manager is included in the hourly rate.

    80 hours is an average time for a project.

    Increase or decrease are possible.

    Each project is evaluated individually.

    How do we work?
    website and application design
    brand identity

    The team

    Max Kyshtymov,
    Studio founder. In charge of business
    processes and team spirit. Likes to travel
    and take pictures of everything.
    Eugene Ignashov,
    art director
    Makes sure the design is clean and effective.
    Drinks beer with apples and blogs a lot.
    Elena Zhabko,
    project manager
    Communicates with clients and
    brings order to the working process.
    Loves flowers and her cat Sema.
    Vladislav Sholerov,
    marketing director
    Improves contact points, answers calls and
    meets with guests. Constantly in search of leads.
    Tags: hip-hop, the flame, Range Rover, GoPro.
    Claims that he is Ivan Dorn's double.
    Alexander Pedchenko,
    Pixel perfectionist. Makes stunning
    illustrations, icons and infographics.
    Plays violin like satan!
    Aleksey Ponomarev,
    Brings structure and logic
    to website and application interfaces.
    Fan of driving and carting.
    Kirill Kim,
    Does his job fast and right on time.
    Prefers champagne and whiskey
    to beer and vodka.
    Denis Yakovlev,
    Rapidly evolves as a specialist.
    Surgeon in the past,
    musician in the present.
    Konstantin Kulesha,
    Newbie in the studio, but not in the field.
    Not a stranger to the design.
    Drives 52 km to the studio every day.

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